fall trees“Supervision is a compassionate, contemplative conversation between peers that ultimately fosters the wellbeing of the absent other.”

–Definition adapted from Mary Rose Bumpus in Supervision of Spiritual Directors: Engaging in Holy Mystery.

Are you a spiritual director or minister seeking a supervisor with decades of experience offering compassionate, contemplative, spacious supervision – a supervisor with whom you’d feel safe talking about your own vulnerability?

As an experienced supervisor and trainer of supervisors, I support, mentor, and teach those who seek a felt sense of Divine Mystery’s unfolding in their work with others, those who seek self-compassion and inner freedom – as they

  • identify what opens them to God’s presence during their work with others and what distracts them.
  • notice times when they hold space for others to encounter God and times when they do not.
  • seek to interact ethically and with integrity.
  • celebrate their strengths.
  • increase their felt sense of engagement with all the dimensions of their own experience as they offer direction:  thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, and intuition.
  • perceive God’s presence and invitation in every arena of human experience:  intrapersonal, interpersonal, communal/structural, and environmental — and invite others to do the same.
  • develop contemplative practices that help them.
    • ready themselves for meeting others.
    • honor their own boundaries .
    • sit with themselves in grounded presence after they meet others.
  • hone skills that need improvement.
  • gain further understanding about the ways in which they relate to others.
  • think about questions that arise regarding the nature and practice of their work.


Contact me to have a conversation about supervision.  I meet people in Morro Bay, CA or via telephone/skype.

Note:  Spiritual Directors International’s Guidelines for Ethical Conduct mandates that all spiritual directors participate in supervision.